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Sheela Shukla

Sheela Shukla

Interior Design director London
T+44 (0)207 812 8000

Sheela is an interior design director in the London studio with extensive experience of delivering large scale workplace projects for the corporate and public sectors.


She has worked with multi-national and government organisations in the UK, Middle East and the ASEAN region and recent projects include the award winning PwC More London offices. and the HQ building for Cambridge Assessment. This headquarters provides office accommodation for 3,000 staff in a cohesive and flexible working environment and has had a transformative effect on the organisation and its people. The project won the British Council for Offices Regional Award for Best Corporate Workplace 2019.

Sheela champions workplace design in the studio, exploring and testing new ideas in workplace thinking, and is passionate about the value of well managed stakeholder engagement at all levels.

Design practices of the future will be?

Design practices of the future will be creating inclusive multiuse microcities for people first and foremost, blurring functional boundaries. Balancing the human and social needs with technology and pace will demand greater integration of design with environmental science and social anthropology