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Michelle Xuereb

Michelle Xuereb

Director of Innovation North America
+1 416 598 1240

Michelle is an architect and the Director of Innovation in the Toronto Studio.

A specialist in complicated projects with multiple layers of approvals, Michelle has become the studio’s ‘go to’ person for the planning and phasing of the most nuanced renovation works and pioneer projects for clients and the city of Toronto. Due to her understanding of the intricacies involved in large-scale construction, Michelle’s awareness of how sensitively work can come to overlap within the city shows in the rigorous, strategic thinking she brings to all of her projects.

Michelle established the studio's in-house Green Team and ensures that sustainability is embedded in key decisions made by the team. She has contributed to over 30 LEED certified projects completed by the firm. Her environmental leadership extends into existing buildings, specialising in complex renovation projects such as 130 Bloor Street West in Toronto. She is connected to a diverse network of green building professionals and has previously held the position of vice-chair of the board of Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) and sat on the Board of Directors of the Toronto Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council.


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