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Juan Morillas

Juan Morillas

Architect Associate Dublin
+353 [0]1 474 0600

Juan is an expert architect with over 17 years of experience internationally. He joined BDP Dublin from the London office where he was engaged for his skills and experience to form part of the Google HQ project in London.

Juan joined BDP in 2017 to form part of the team working on the Design of the Google HQ in London. He is passionate about architecture, from early concepts to site supervision. He embraces a collaboratively approach to architecture, working alongside clients, consultants and contractors in order to achieve the best and most efficient design for each specific project, regardless of its size or budget. He has a special interest in Sustainable Design and Renewable Energies since his first year at the School of Architecture and continues to attend courses, lectures and seminars on these topics. Juan is an advocate of energy efficient designs and was recently a speaker at the London Build Expo 2019 taking part on the panel discussion ‘Redefining Sustainability across the Sector’.

Over his 17 years of International experience as an architect Juan has worked on projects located in UK, Ireland, Spain, China and USA. These projects span across a number of sectors including residential, cultural, landscape design and master planning. He has gained an extensive expertise in the commercial sector having been involved in the design and construction of HQs for Internationally renowned companies as well as large mixed use developments for some of the most respected private developers.

Juan has a leading role on the Google project in London and is actively involved in the design, coordination and site supervision of this extraordinary project next to Kings Cross Station in London. He has also recently joined the Bonham Quay project in Galway where he is the Design Team Leader of this high profile project that is redefining a previously industrial area of the city and will become a benchmark for future developments in Galway and Ireland.


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