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Rising to the Climate Challenge


01// The Global
Climate Challenge


The climate challenge is the biggest threat to life on earth.  Every person, every industry, every nation has a moral obligation, and role to play in moving towards a low carbon future.

The environment is all we have. It supports all life, providing food and water. Without it, we – and everything we depend on – will cease to exist.

So how should the built environment respond? The industry is responsible for a third of global emissions. But reducing emissions is not enough. Something significant has to change. We need to rethink how we see and use buildings – sooner rather than later.

02// Our Commitment
to Net Zero

Considering all impacts of a project at the outset, and maintaining scrutiny throughout enables us to maximise the positive impact development can deliver. Our new BDP Preliminary Carbon Calculator is being developed to deliver greater clarity during RIBA Stage 1/2A by accurately estimating the embodied carbon of developing design options without the need for BIM models. 

Each year, we demonstrate our commitment to becoming a net zero company with revisions to our sustainability policy, and provide a comprehensive review and analysis of our environmental performance across all of our UK and Ireland studios.


Simple steps for building carbon-free

In an attempt to demystify the process of regenerative building design, we’ve set out a series of key principles that we need to embrace as we work toward 'Building our future'.  

From creative reuse to bio-based materials, we want to bring clarity to a complex process of design, construction and operation to show what we think is required to deliver a truly sustainable development.


Carbon Counter

Our new BDP Preliminary Carbon Counter has been designed to deliver greater clarity during RIBA Stage 1/2A by accurately estimating the embodied carbon of developing design options without the need for BIM models. By allowing design teams to select the specification of key elements in the building’s construction, the calculator uses data from past and current projects to generate an estimation for the embodied carbon per metre squared.


Once fully developed, it will be capable of generating sector-specific outcomes and contribute to a vital evidence base for the carbon impact of materials – improving the carbon literacy of our designers and providing clearer outputs for our clients.


03// Our Sustainability

We must all strive to implement sustainability policies, processes and targets for all proposed developments that respond to the global climate and biodiversity emergency. Find out what our sustainability advocates believe needs to happen next...

04// COP26
UN Climate Change Conference

As the city of Glasgow plays host to the 26th Conference of Parties (COP26), our interdisciplinary design teams continue their efforts to influence global climate change policies and the sustainability agendas. 

UN climate change COY16 Conference of Youth
Friday 29 October
University of Strathclyde, Learning and Teaching Building

Principal Christoph Ackermann, architect associate Martin Jarvie and sustainability consultant Lucy Townsend deliver a workshop on sustainable building design at the 16th UN Climate Change Conference of Youth (COY16), with a focus on learning and education building refurbishment.

Find out more



Making COP26 matter:
engineering a net zero future by
Institution of Mechanical Engineers
Friday 29 October

Architect associate, and founder of, Juan Morillas will be speaking about 'Whole Life Carbon – Data and Transparency' at this two day conference organised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

The conference will focus on practical engineering solutions to achieve net zero emissions and consider the wider implications for industry and society.

built environment virtual pavilion

COP26 delegates will be able to travel virtually to the University of East Anglia’s Enterprise Centre chosen as an exemplar of sustainable design for the UKGBC’s Build Better Now virtual pavilion. We are proud to have been the engineers, lighting designer and BREEAM assessor on this outstanding building.



Art for the Earth exhibition
1-8 November
BDP Brewhouse Yard

Our client PwC have launched the climate action campaign, Art for the Earth to raise funds for WWF UK and promote their work to protect our natural world.

A small selection of the artwork will be on show at our own London studio from 1 November. Funds will be raised by PwC through an eBay auction of the artwork between 8 and 27 November 2021.

05// Sustainable
projects in practice

We are actively engaged with industry to ensure that we are contributing to the national and global agenda, and that our design approach continues to deliver progressive, practical and financially sound solutions in response to environmental, social and economic challenges.

Explore some of our most sustainable projects below:

Rising to the Climate Challenge Projects

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Our sustainability team offer a wide range of consultancy, assessment, design and management support services. Sitting at the heart of BDP's operation, we are able to utilise skills from across the practice. We possess specialist expertise in life-cycle assessment, circular economy and resource management, energy and carbon consultancy and ecology services and have expertise in developing, implementing and monitoring bespoke development environmental strategies.

Tackling climate change is always at the forefront of our minds and we apply this moral conscience to every project that we embark on. We have taken proactive steps to stay ahead of the conversation, offering industry insights from our sustainability experts across the globe and across our different disciplines.