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Sheldon Levitt - Retired 2021

Sheldon Levitt

Principal Toronto

Sheldon is a principal in our Toronto studio and leads its large mixed use and masterplanning projects 


Sheldon works in close collaboration with vertically integrated development clients on multiple project typologies and large mixed-use projects, integrating the studio’s design expertise with a commitment to high quality architecture and urbanism, while supporting the goals and aspirations of the client.  He specialises in the design of large-scale residential and mixed-use developments, including the realisation of comprehensive master plan for the new community of Downtown Markham which, to date, has completed fifteen buildings, including 1 million square feet of commercial and retail space and multi-family buildings housing over 3,000 residential units.

Sheldon is inspired by the potential for applying high-quality urban intensification to improve the social, economic and environmental health of cities. He is a Fellow of Leadership for Environment and Development (LEAD), and a regular speaker at industry and professional associations on environmental issues, and how they affect building design and facility management. He has developed and taught a course on sustainable design at Ryerson University and is currently a member of the City of Vaughan Design Review Panel.

Looking ahead, what will be the key characteristic of your specialism in 2050?

"Designing for humanity, beauty and social engagement – to mitigate the impacts of speed, technology and climate change."


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