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Achieving net-zero labs


Our Achieving Net-Zero Labs report examines how to reduce the carbon impact of laboratory buildings while also meeting the energy demands and technical requirements of science projects.

Head of Science, Research and Technology, Keith Papa tasked his team with reviewing all of our recent experience in the sector to test the impact of all decisions – big and small – on embodied and operational carbon emissions, cost and impact on scientific activity. From this we determined the primary features which drive carbon emissions in science research projects.

Within the report we outline some of key drivers of embodied and operational CO2e emissions and how we can address them to make the challenge of achieving net zero a reality.

The report considers how we approach a brief and challenge the performance requirements for the proposed activities in order to reduce CO2 emissions from structural design and servicing. Furthermore, we explore the creative use of hybrid material solutions to holistically reduce the carbon emission impact of the structure and building fabric, and allow for future adaptation to ensure building longevity.