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River Regeneration – bringing life to communities


There is much discussion around the benefits of green infrastructure and how it can stimulate a holistic approach to sustainable design. Offering sensitive and intelligent strategies for stormwater management, promoting health and wellbeing in our communities, together with its potential to revitalise our urban centres into rich and engaging city places that echo the biodiversity of the area.

In our latest report, our Singapore studio shine a light on our green infrastructure approach to riverside regeneration, which recognises that the relationship between cities throughout the world and the rivers that run through them are often considered fundamental to their urban development, because of their profound interactions with both humans and nature.

Green Infrastructure cover.jpg

We explore the key design principles our global collective of experts have successfully incorporated into our riverside regeneration schemes, which range from building to urban planning scale, and the multiple functional and commercial benefits they offer private developers, governments and the communities they serve.

By embracing a holistic green infrastructure approach to riverside regeneration, we can unlock its value through forward-thinking urban development and placemaking strategies, creating a catalyst for resilient, ecological and prosperous places.