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Leaders in Design MENA

When: 15th – 16th November
Where: Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, UAE

Abu Dhabi studio design director Firas Hnoosh is a panellist at Leaders in Design MENA, a 5th Global Edition summit hosted by the International Business Council.  Firas will join industry experts Richard Hutchinson (LOM Architecture and Design), Paul Dunn (RTKL), Christopher Seymour (ARCADIS Middle East) and Elvira Munoz (AECOM) to discuss office space evolution.  They will explore how office design has changed as companies increasingly strive for open, positive and effective working spaces with greater communication between employees and integrating the latest technological innovations.

Leaders in Design MENA is a key event for design professionals to discuss the latest international trends in the industry and explore the potential that the Middle East and North Africa region can offer.