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Healthy City Design

When: 14–15 October
Where: Royal College of Physicians, London

Architect Parisa Kanabar and director Stephen Marshall will present on the first day of this year’s Healthy City Design conference held at the Royal College of Physicians. The theme of the conference is designing for utopia or dystopia, looking at the crossroads facing the health of both people and the planet, and Stephen will talk about health and wellbeing as a driver for the designs of large, complex buildings in urban locations and the public spaces around them.

Parisa will explore how to embed health and wellbeing principles into the planning and design of new city centre apartments which are likely to be the dominant type of housing in cities, with a key role in meeting housing needs into the future.  She will provide research data on sleep, diet and exercise from a survey of city centre residents, revealing how the design of their homes impacts on their daily health and wellbeing and recommendations for changes to planning policy to make it more difficult to build unhealthy homes.