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BDP attends European Healthcare Design Conference

EHD-2022_th.jpgThe 2022 European Healthcare Design conference is a global convening of design and healthcare professionals in London. This year, the event is focused on, "Recovery, Renewal & Rediscovery: Planning a climate-smart healthcare system".

Aiming to address the climate crisis as a “health emergency", the conference will see several BDP delegates take to the stage to share our approach to innovative healthcare design and our own tree-lined Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot features as a shortlisted project for the Healthcare Design Award.

BDP's designers will be appearing across the two days at the conference to share expertise and to learn about new innovations in healthcare so that our design professionals continue to offer the best and most contemporary knowledge across the sector. 

Heatherwood Hospital will also feature alongside two more signature BDP healthcare projects, Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and The Royal College of Physicians HQ at Spine, as part of the conference study tours taking place during the event.

Head of healthcare, Andrew Smith, said: “Modern medicine’s ubiquity in the developed world masks its extraordinary and ever increasing ability to save lives and cure painful and debilitating conditions. Its synthesis of care and science represents one of humanity’s highest achievements, we design buildings of the highest quality such that they are worthy of the noble endeavour undertaken within them.”

Monday 13 June

BDP Architects share their knowledge and experience of innovative healthcare design

11:25 – ‘Dorset Health Village – shopping with healthcare’ with Paul Johnson and Ehren Trzebiatowski. Taking place in ‘Stream 2: Health Planning and Investment’ area in the Seligman Theatre, the pair will be talking in Session 6 ‘Health system transformation’.

16:00 - ‘Considering sensory design makes sense with Vicky Casey: Exploring the positive sensory impact of Southmead Hospital main atria’.  Taking place in the ‘Stream 1: Art and Architecture’ area in the Wolfson Theatre’, part of Session 4, ‘Sensory Design’ 

Tuesday 14 June            

18:00-22:00 - Garden Party. 

BDP Project Tours 

Study Tour 1: Liverpool – Featuring Clatterbridge Cancer Centre and The Royal College of Physicians at The Spine, Liverpool

Study Tour 2: Heatherwood Hospital, Ascot


In addition to the talks taking place across the conference, an awards ceremony will be taking place. Shortlisted in the Healthcare Design Category, our work on Heatherwood Hospital in Ascot has been recognised for its contemporary design and emphasis on patient wellbeing.