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BDP wins major land use project in Kuwait

BDP has been commissioned by Kuwait Municipality to undertake the country’s Commercial Land Use Background Study.

This significant urban planning project will develop a comprehensive and coherent set of commercial land use proposals, and an appropriate planning policy framework, which will underpin the Kuwait National Masterplan 2040.

The agreement was signed by Head of the Municipality, Mr Ahmed Al Sobeih who in a statement stressed the importance of the study for the future of Kuwait. He added that it was one of the major recommendations from the Masterplanning study to diversify the country’s income sources and commercial activities as an addition to the oil sector.

Over a 13 month period, the project team will identify the existing level of commercial activity in Kuwait in terms of floorspace, type of commercial activity (shops, restaurants, hotels, offices, malls, etc) and location.  Through analysis of the existing and projected population trends and consumer expenditure, the team will model the amount, type and location of commercial activities required at five year intervals through to 2040.  Planning policies and regulations will then be developed to ensure that there is an appropriate level and spread of commercial development across the country.

This project builds on BDP’s recent success in Kuwait following the completion of the Traffic Management and Updating Plan for Salmiya, and award winning concept design of the Sabah Al Ahmad Culture Centre. BDP will be supported by Deloitte and local partners, OBD, in undertaking the study.