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BDP achieves ISO 50001:2001

ISO50001BDP has achieved ISO 50001:2011 certification. This internationally recognised standard is awarded to organisations that have an implemented robust energy management system (EnMS) in place. ISO 50001 requires organisations to set energy targets, manage and use data effectively, measure results and continually improve performance. The EnMS falls under the umbrella of the broader ISO 14001 Environmental Management System but focuses specifically on energy.

In addition to being seen as good practice and an important contributor to BDP’s environmental credentials, the catalyst to achieving this standard has come from the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme, known as ESOS, which requires organisations that meet certain criteria to demonstrate that they are pro-actively monitoring and managing energy consumption.

Sustainability associate Philip Gray said: “ISO 50001 requires engagement with employees in all studios to ensure they understand how their actions directly influence the environmental performance of the practice. The wider benefits of this will contribute to a greater understanding of the way we use our buildings with the aim of improving efficiencies and reducing our operating burdens, which in turn will improve our profitability as an organisation.”

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