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Lighting Team Launch Community of Artists

Our lighting team has launched ‘Community of Artists’ an online gallery that showcases several of the artists with whom we share a special relationship.

Head of lighting Mark Ridler said: “It has been our privilege and pleasure to support a number of artists throughout our many years of practice. Art is becoming increasingly central to our work so partly in recognition and celebration, but also to provide a service to our clients, we have developed our Community of Artists.”

We continue to collaborate with Loop.pH, excited by their beautiful work that melds craft, latest technology, ephemerality and architecture and a desire to create art outside the art gallery. They work with designers, architects, scientists in a playful and experimental environment on projects that radically re-think the city.

We first encountered Haberdashery when pitching for the National Film Theatre and have remained friends ever since with the London based design studio who use the power of light to create landmark sculptures and innovative lighting products for architects, interior designers, brands and institutions globally.

Following years creating electronic music with Heaven 17 and the Human League, Illustrious use 3D sound compositions to create 3D atmospheres and immersive experiences in the urban realm, collaborating with lighting designers, digital and fine artists, world heritage sites, museums, exhibitions, live events, dance, theatre, technology developers, research and education.

Laura Bayliss, an ex-lighting director with BDP is now a practising light artist who "paints with light and lights paint" to explore the magic that occurs when these two mediums combine. Her work celebrates the characteristics of natural and artificial light such as refraction, dispersion, glow, sparkle and shine.


Image courtesy of Laura Bayliss

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