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BDP Promotes Tall Buildings for Bristol

Architect Director Yuli Cadney-Toh was interviewed by BBC Points West to highlight the growing need for taller buildings in the Bristol region and commented “Bristol needs to be bold and build taller buildings in the right places to meet future needs.”

Yuli, who recently returned to the city after 30 years working abroad, says the skyline had barely changed in the last four decades, and that there is a risk of being distracted by the debate around Bristol’s skyline and missing the more important civic brief.

Her comments were in response to Bristol City Council’s intention to build 13,500 new homes in the city centre by 2036. The city council has identified areas across the city that would suit densification, including an extended Bristol Temple Quarter Enterprise Zone around a redeveloped Temple Meads Station as a modern transport interchange and gateway.

Yuli says: “This is a city with huge potential and there is no reason why it cannot meet the needs of its communities. We believe taller buildings of high design quality are an important ingredient in the creation of sustainable cities that work for the people who live in them.”

Watch the full interview here.