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Boxpark Opens in Wembley

Boxpark has opened its biggest location to date after a spectacular launch weekend. A full interdisciplinary BDP team designed the scheme which is part of the 35 hectare Wembley Park development in London being delivered by Quintain.

The scheme at Wembley has a completely new and bespoke building design, making it an innovative cultural and dining destination with 29 food and drink units held by established and independent operators.

The Wembley model mirrors the successful framework of community focused events which take place at Boxpark Shoreditch and Croydon. Boxpark Wembley will work closely with the local community to host live music in its expansive 2,000 capacity events space as well as more intimate talks and workshops in a separate 300 capacity space.

Gavin Elliott, architect principal said: “As ever it's been a blast working with Roger Wade and his team on Boxpark Wembley. Whilst the building looks simple, its simplicity hides a significant level of sophistication and refinement - a bit like a super-condensed high street, squeezed into a 70m x 50m box - with all the energy, variety and dynamism that flows from that. It was great seeing it in use for the first time over the launch weekend, both as a food-hall, and a music venue, and I'm really looking forward to seeing its further evolution over the next weeks and months.”

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