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BDP appoints Christoph Ackermann to Principal

BDP has appointed Christoph Ackermann to principal, and he joins the company’s board of directors from 1 July 2019.

Christoph is an architect in the Glasgow studio, where he leads the higher education, workplace, and science research and technology sectors and is currently working on significant projects including the University of Strathclyde’s Learning and Teaching building and University of Edinburgh’s School of Engineering, along with the Bio Therapeutics Hub for BioAberdeen.

Working with BDP since graduating from the University of Strathclyde, Christoph is an active champion of collaborative design, saying: “I am extremely passionate about the value of relationships and placemaking with people. We are a people business so we interact with clients, listening to them, their concerns and their aspirations.”

Chief executive John McManus said; “We are delighted to invite Christoph Ackermann to become a principal. His expertise and successful track record in delivering significant education projects, coupled with his ability to develop strong positive relationships with clients, will contribute enormously to the growth of the practice, both in Scotland and internationally.”

We have also made fourteen appointments at profession director level: architects Andy Capewell, Paul Johnson, Matthew Mayes, Samir Shaikh, Ilaria Tufari, Michelle Xuereb and Paul Zheng; urban designer Manisha Bhartia; landscape architect Chris Stanton; interior designer Kristen Liedl; acoustician Richard Grove; design manager Nicola Ravariere; building services engineer Laura Smith and IT/project technology manager Elliott Crossley.