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Trailblazer Group wins top Acoustic Award

The Acoustics Technician Apprenticeship Trailblazer Group, chaired by London acoustic studio lead Richard Grove, has received the inaugural Armstrong Next Generation Award at the annual Noise Abatement Society’s John Connell Awards. Known as the Noise Oscars, the awards recognise the importance of sound quality and champion vital advances in reducing the negative impact of unnecessary noise for public benefit. This year’s ceremony was held at the Palace of Westminster on 23 October.

The award win specifically recognises and encourages the next generation of acoustic and soundscape practitioners. The Trailblazer Group, which comprises different consultants, highlighted the demand for more acoustic expertise in the industry.  Discussions were held with the Department for Education to establish the foundations of an accredited pathway for those who are in the early stages of their career, offering experience and education in the profession. The group has worked on the Acoustics Technician Apprenticeship for three years and efforts continue to develop the scheme. The apprenticeship will officially launch in January 2020 with the first intake of apprentices in September 2020.