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Act on climate: BDP supports World Green Building Week 2020

This week marks the celebration of World Green Building Week - an international campaign that empowers the built environment industry to deliver greener buildings.

We are supporting the global campaign by demonstrating how the delivery of a holistic sustainable design sits at the centre of our global design philosophy.

Sustainable outcomes are fundamental to our overarching approach to delivering places for people and our aim is to deliver environmentally, socially and economically progressive places, focused on maximising the health, wellbeing, happiness and productivity of the people who use them.


We know that buildings and construction are responsible for 39% of global energy-related carbon emissions. Countries worldwide are declaring climate emergencies, and industry awareness and accountability are at all-time highs.

We are actively engaged with industry to ensure that we are contributing to this national and global agenda, and that our design approach continues to deliver progressive, practical and financially sound solutions in response to environmental, social and economic challenges.

During World Green Building Week, we are celebrating and sharing some of the sustainable initiatives and innovations from across our disciplines and our projects, showcasing how, as a business, we are reducing our impact on the planet.

For more information on our support for World Green Building Week, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.