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Anna Sinnott and Benedict Zucchi appointed to NLA Expert Panels

London studio directors Anna Sinnott and Benedict Zucchi have been appointed as members of two Expert Panels, which bring together industry experts from across the New London Architecture (NLA) membership to advise on core programmes, provide issue-led thought leadership and respond to new policies or consultations. 

Each panel is made up of 12-15 representatives from both the public and private sectors, across development, design, planning and construction, who provide a unique voice on the key issues facing the capital. Members are invited to join their respective panels for a year, meeting quarterly and setting out key lines of enquiry which shape NLA’s forward agendas and inform year-round programmes. Reports from each meeting are shared with NLA members and the broader network, alongside a selection of contributions and viewpoints from panel members.

Planning director Anna Sinnott joins the Planning Expert Panel which will focus on best practice in the planning system to support the city’s development, including new approaches to community consultation and trust in the development process.  The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitalisation of the planning system, leading to significant, and potentially long-lasting, changes in the way consultation is approached and accessibility of information and data. The panel will also look at accessibility and transparency of data, the role of local and regional plans and how the planning system can better support London’s economic recovery.


At a time of great change, both in society and potentially the planning system, it’s an exciting opportunity to join this expert panel. Planning is a multifaceted profession reflecting the complexity of modern urban life and I’m looking forward to sharing thoughts and debating these issues with the panel members over the coming year.

Anna Sinnott Planning director

Architect Principal Benedict Zucchi joins the Healthcare Expert Panel which will look at the key priorities for delivering healthcare buildings for London that showcase best practice in design, health and adaptability.  Following the response to the global pandemic the healthcare sector is set to see a new level of government investment not seen in over a decade and this panel will explore the opportunities this offers for wider regeneration and integration into the urban environment.  Benedict has led many of the practice’s most high profile healthcare projects, was a member of the team for the NHS Nightingale hospitals and his current projects include Great Ormond Street and New Children’s Hospital, Dublin.


I’m very pleased to join the panel at a time when healthcare is more central to public debate than ever. I look forward to debating with colleagues how good design can make a real difference to the quality and security of people’s lives.

Benedict Zucchi Principal, chair of architecture

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