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Quadrangle officially rebrands as BDP Quadrangle

Quadrangle is now operating under the name BDP Quadrangle. The new name for our Toronto studio builds on the partnership we formed in 2019 with one of North America’s most respected architecture and interior design practices. The change of name establishes BDP Quadrangle as a central hub for our North American operations.

The transition of the brand sees the retention of Quadrangle’s 35-year history and reputation while also conveying its position as part of our network of 1,300 interdisciplinary professionals, collaborating across studios in the UK, China, India, Ireland, the Middle East, the Netherlands and Singapore.

In an increasingly connected world, architecture, engineering, urbanism and design are becoming more collaborative, international and multidisciplinary. We believe that the creation of BDP Quadrangle will provide our international partners and clients with strengthened services and new perspectives for the future.

As BDP Quadrangle, our colleagues in Toronto can communicate our unified expertise, geographies and sectors across the North American market. In so doing, we are opening opportunities for our staff and clients and strengthening our ability to design places that foster wellbeing, inclusivity and sustainable futures.

Chief Executive John McManus says, “What brought BDP and Quadrangle together was a desire to expand our reputation and strengthen our business with presence into the North American market. Now, working together, we are globally diversifying our expertise, embracing a higher calibre of design and professional rigour. We look forward to furthering the impact that we will achieve together.”

Quadrangle co-founding principal Les Klein comments “Already we have found that this partnership has enhanced the ambition and diversity of our work. With this step we are underscoring the constant evolution and drive for improvement that has always characterised our studio. We believe that our growth with BDP will strengthen the way we think about and practise architecture, design and urbanism in the future.”

From today, Quadrangle’s URL will change to and social media handle to @bdpquadrangle.

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