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BDP debuts on Interior Design's 2021 Top 100 Giants list

We have been recognised as a major player in the design industry with placement on Interior Design's Top 100 Giants list, coming in at number 91.

The influential magazine, based in New York, takes stock of the global interior design industry each year, releasing rankings for Top 100 Giants, Rising Giants, Healthcare Giants and Hospitality Giants.

Prior to joining BDP, our Toronto studio had appeared regularly on the Interior Design Rising Giants list, reaching number 14 in 2019. This is the first time that the global practice has been placed on the prestigious roster of top practices.

Mark Simpson, principal and chair of design at BDP, said: “For a myriad of reasons 2020 has been a difficult year for the interior design industry but we continue to focus on the positives. Design plays a significant part in fostering collaboration, communication, creativity and effective learning environments. We will see drastic changes in the future as we design more flexible, energising, experiential places that focus on accessibility, wellbeing and sustainability.

As we adapt and expand our business alongside our global ambitions, it’s fantastic to be able to include the BDP Quadrangle team as part of our international offering. We are very proud to make the Interior Design Top 100 Giants list and it’s a testament to the growth and ambition of our business and to the dedication of our people in such a testing year.

Caroline Robbie, principal at BDP Quadrangle, added: “As the well-established print, and now digital, face of the interiors industry for over 80 years, it is next-level recognition for BDP’s design group to move from Rising Giants into the Top 100 Giants of Design. We are thrilled that our design excellence has allowed us to mark this important milestone.”


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