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BDP designs a unique airport neighbourhood in India

Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL), a subsidiary of Zurich Airport International, has appointed us as airport development consultant, to prepare urban development guidelines for an airport neighbourhood around Noida International Airport (NIA). We are also developing a concept landscape masterplan for the entire 1,334 hectare layout, which is envisioned as a green campus.

Urbanism director Manisha Bhartia, explained: "As the airport development consultant, we are working closely with YIAPL to establish a concept and guidelines to create a unique airport neighbourhood for Noida International Airport. As airlines are working hard to reduce their impact on the environment, we see this as a great initiative by NIA to reduce the impact of the on-ground infrastructure to support sustainable air travel. We want to create spaces and places across the campus that create a feeling of health, happiness, and wellbeing for everyone who visits.”

“Combining YIAPL’s ambitions for a greener, healthier airport with our experience in developing sustainable, functional spaces in India, we are creating an important transport hub that supports and inspires visitors and businesses alike. Noida International Airport will be like no other airport in the region. It will be a high quality, efficient and modern airport that will act as a benchmark for sustainable infrastructure and operations across the world."

The airport neighbourhood development guidelines and landscape concept masterplan will form a guiding toolkit for concessionaires taken on board by YIAPL.

In addition, an interdisciplinary team will collaborate on a project to provide architecture, structural engineering, building services engineering, and interior and landscape design for the new NIA visitor centre.

The visitor centre will create 3,000 sq.ft.of indoor and outdoor spaces, providing orientation to visiting delegates and stakeholders, project overview, and a virtual tour of NIA. It will have multi-functional spaces for project information, meetings and events.

Design director Samir Shaikh, said: “The design of the visitor centre is very important for Noida international Airport. It sets the benchmark for innovative, simple and sustainable design which is at the centre of the airport’s philosophy. Speed of construction and the ability to expand the visitor centre in the future is an important factor in our design rationalisation. We are achieving this by reusing old shipping containers combined with sustainable materials and circular principles that minimise waste and reduce carbon emissions. It’s an exciting first for an international airport and we are very proud to be a part of the project.”  

The NIA building will be the first on the campus to represent the ethos of our urban design guidelines. Construction of the new NIA visitor centre is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

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