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BDP’s success continues with positive financial and strategic growth

We have published our results for the financial year ended 30 June 2020. The practice achieved revenues of £131.3m (up 22.9% on the previous year) and an operating profit of £13.3m (up 40% on the previous year).

The results benefit from a full 12-month input from Toronto-based BDP Quadrangle, which joined the BDP group in February 2019, and the expansion of studios in northern Europe and South East Asia. The recent rebranding of Quadrangle to BDP Quadrangle shows how we continue to develop our network of international studios to increase the group’s global reach and the resilience and diversity of the business.

Chief Executive, John McManus said: “It is in times of crisis that BDP’s true spirit and resilience shines through. It has been a challenging year for the built environment and each of our studios has risen to the enormous challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic with fortitude, flexibility and understanding. The incredible achievement of our healthcare team in establishing six, large-scale coronavirus surge hospitals across the UK in a matter of days stands out as an exemplar of the speed and agility required from businesses in the current climate.”

The UK remains a crucial market for the practice and our future strategy seeks to increase the volume of work delivered globally and across multiple sectors. This year will see the practice expand our interdisciplinary offer across all markets and seek to maintain our strength in designing healthcare, education, workplace, residential and retail buildings.

Internationally, our relationship with parent company, Nippon Koei, naturally supports greater international growth, strengthens our interdisciplinary capabilities and provides greatly enhanced career opportunities for our employees. By combining strength in the commercial sector with Nippon Koei’s extensive geographic spread across South East Asia, we aim to establish a strong and sustainable presence in the region supported by our Singapore studio.


Clatterbridge Cancer Centre

Glasgow Queen Street Station

John McManus continues: “Fundamental to our success and future prospects is the calibre and excellence of our people. Our objective is to be comprehensive, providing balanced advice, first class design, and an excellent management service to achieve our clients’ aspirations. BDP was founded on the principle of teamworking and, in the last year, our teams have delivered a range of wonderful projects across all major sectors in the most demanding of circumstances. Prudent financial management across the business is giving us the resilience to navigate the uncertainties of the future economic climate over the next few years. We intend to strengthen and enhance the volume of interdisciplinary projects, extend our professional services offering to new markets across Asia and North America, and to establish capability and excellence in new sectors of activity.”


NHS Nightingale Manchester

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