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Whitechapel Elizabeth line station opens

Whitechapel Elizabeth line station has opened after being handed over to Transport for London. Sitting within the Whitechapel Market Conservation area, the design of the new station retains the distinctive and historic buildings constructed more than 100 years ago.

The new and improved Whitechapel station, designed by our transport team, includes a host of upgrades which benefit passenger movement and deliver a more efficient and positive customer experience. The design incorporates reams of natural light, enhancing the historic features and the unique personality of the existing station.

The main entrance has been reinstated on Whitechapel Road, and a walkway alongside the concourse provides a new public pedestrian route from the entrance on Durward Street to Whitechapel Road.

Design emphasis has shifted from a below-ground, subterranean solution to an above-ground station bridge, which enhances connectivity and accessibility to Whitechapel Road and the Royal London Hospital.

Capacity studies undertaken on the existing interchange demonstrated that sufficient space was already available to accommodate an anticipated increase in passenger numbers without the removal of important heritage buildings contributing to the local character of Whitechapel area.

Whitechapel Station Entrance Credit BDP.jpg

Head of transport, Peter Jenkins, explains: “Whitechapel station is an important transport hub for London and Tower Hamlets, connecting the new Elizabeth line to the District, Hammersmith & City and Overground lines. Part of the strategy was to ensure there was a common architectural language both for the excavated element of the main station construction and also at the platform level but to ensure that there were original, culturally relevant elements to the design.

“We took the decision to retain the existing buildings to preserve the heritage and local character of this important rail interchange and to deliver the most sustainable construction solution. The new station will meet the demands of the passengers and provide a stunning backdrop to travel in and out of Whitechapel.”

In addition, a new green, sedum roof covering the main station concourse delivers both environmental and aesthetic benefits. It was installed to reduce the heat island affect, deliver improved air quality and enhance biodiversity. It also enriches views from neighbouring developments.

Whitchapel Elizabeth line Concourse (4) Credit BDP.jpg
Whitchapel Elizabeth line Concourse (3) Credit BDP.jpg
Whitchapel Elizabeth line Concourse Credit BDP.jpg