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BDP designs connected montessori learning centre in the hague

BDP has been appointed to design the new Montessori Children’s Centre in The Hague, Netherlands.

Commissioned by the Municipality of The Hague, the Montessori Education Zuid-Holland Foundation and gro-up, a BDP led design team, including TRAJECT, Pieters Bouwtechniek and DGMR is shaping a new world-class children’s centre, which combines a Montessori school, a nursery, an after school facility and a gym, in a single building.

The BDP team is using its experience in strong, sustainable and integral architecture to create a flexible, low carbon, location-specific, circular school that occupies a central place in the Houtwijk neighbourhood


Björn Bleumink, Architect Director at BDP, explains: “MKC Houtwijk will be a building that appeals to the senses. It is important that the design feels right as a learning space and as a place the children can feel comfortable in. We have incorporated a variety of views and a sequence of different workplaces, so that children can find their own place, interact closely and learn from each other.”

At the entrance to the school, BDP has designed soft textures that will invite tactile interaction. The use of shadows and rhythms in the design will create visual stimulation as structures and layouts appear to change. Internally, light, warm and natural materials will ensure unity and cohesion and a pronounced central heart will form a meeting place for children, staff and visitors alike.


The vision for MKC Houtwijk will create a smart, flexible design which makes efficient use of shared spaces. A modular structure means the school, the nursery and the after school care will each have their own place within a safe atmosphere whilst sharing a large, adventurous, educational landscape in the heart of the building.

Björn Bleumink continues: “MKC Houtwijk offers every child something new to discover and by accommodating multiple users inside a single facility, the building will become a hive of vibrant, colourful and creative learning and activities”.

BDP has now completed the preliminary design for the new school and will continue development of the final plans over the summer.


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