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BDP Moves for Trees


To mark BDP’s 60-year anniversary we launched an internal ‘Move for Trees’ steps challenge to support the health and wellbeing of our colleagues whilst helping the environment.  Running globally for six weeks, the challenge for each participant was to reach a personal target of 231,000 steps to be rewarded with a donation by BDP to plant a tree in an area of their choice. 


Tree planting has become a cornerstone of many environmental campaigns in recent years as it is a simple but effective way to help reduce the impact of carbon emissions and restore natural ecosystems. On the completion of the challenge, our team had collectively secured over 300 trees to be planted in areas most in need.


We partnered with three tree-planting organisations so colleagues had a choice on how they wished to support tree planting around the world:


  • One Tree Planted's projects across Asia are helping rebuild the habitat of critically endangered species like orangutans, tigers, and more than 1,700 species of birds.


  • Carbon Footprint promotes tree planting in several regions in the UK, with a specific focus on schools across the country. Through educational planting sessions, Carbon Footprint encourages children to actively partake in tree planting to develop the school grounds, support wildlife, and of course, improve the air quality at school.


  • A non-profit charity, Forest Ontario strives to plant trees and build the overall capacity and success of Ontario’s tree planting and forest education efforts across the region.

We were delighted when colleagues from all our studios across the globe signed up to participate in the challenge.  It was great to see all the amazing photos shared by participants as they got out and about in the fresh air to get some exercise showing the contrast in snowy wintry landscapes of Toronto with the spring-like countryside of the UK against the tropical climate of Singapore!

Snow walk.jpg
Up high.jpg
night stadium.jpg