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BDP champions women leaders in the real estate industry

With a 100% women leadership team at our New Delhi studio, Manisha Bhartia, business head of BDP’s India operations and urbanism director, is championing the advancement of women leaders in India’s real estate industry.

On Saturday 23 September, Manisha joined a panel of prominent women industry leaders to share her insights on ‘Ways Women Lead’ at the Designs India Architecture Conference, in New Delhi. The event is part of the annual WADE ASIA programme, which is the largest celebration of women-led development in Asia.

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Manisha has also been appointed as the chair of the Urban Land Institute’s (ULI) Women’s Leadership Initiative, in parallel with the launch of ULI India in March. Established in 2011, the global programme aims to increase both the number and visibility of women leaders throughout ULI’s vast network.

As part of this role, Manisha will be directing a women-led mentorship program with the regional ULI Young Leaders Group, with a mission to foster an exchange of professional ideas and mentorship between experienced executives in the industry, and young real estate professionals of the local real estate community.

Manisha Bhartia, Business Head of BDP’s India operations and urbanism Director, said: “Women often find it difficult to rise to leadership positions due to a work culture that doesn’t support their growth or address unconscious biases and pay inequity. At BDP, I’ve been fortunate to be supported and mentored through my career and so I’m very excited about how the ULI India mentorship program will act as a catalyst for the rise of women in the industry.”