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Success at the annual Bevy Leadership awards

BDP’s New York City Studio Director, Rosalind Tsang, has been honoured with the Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation's BEVY Mentorship Award. This recognition is a testament to her outstanding contributions to the field and her dedication to fostering mentorship, diversity, and inclusion within the architectural community.

bevy awards news image.jpg

The Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation (BWAF) is at the forefront of a cultural revolution within the building industry, aiming to acknowledge, cultivate, and value the significant contributions of women in architecture—both past and present. Rosalind Tsang's receipt of the BEVY Mentorship Award is a well-deserved acknowledgement of her commitment to advancing the role of women and minorities in leadership positions.

bevy awards news image 1.jpg

In addition to her role as Co-Chair for the AIA New York Women in Architecture Committee, Rosalind actively advocates for mentorship, diversity, and inclusion in architecture. Her involvement extends beyond BDP, as she holds a fellowship at the Urban Design Forum in New York and is a key member of the Good Form Initiative, exploring the connections between the built environment and public health outcomes. Furthermore, she serves on the Urban Land Institute's (ULI) New York Housing Council and Women's Leadership Initiative University Outreach Committee.

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Left to Right: Marcella Au, Rosalind Tsang, Les Klein