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BDP has been involved in projects in China since 2007. Our studio in Shanghai opened in 2010 to support these projects and BDP has now developed a long term strategy for continuing to work here. Our team of dedicated professionals has expertise in the design of projects across most sectors and the capability to develop detailed design solutions.

Unit AB,Floor 20
Urban City Centre
45 Nanchang Road
Huangpu District
Shanghai 200020
T +86 [0]21 6196 2500

Map & Directions (Google Maps)


We work closely with users, clients and the community to create special places for living, working, shopping, culture and learning. Our expertise covers residential, retail, commercial, education, leisure, transport, and healthcare sectors.

Our Interdisciplinary offer

BDP brings skills involved in the design of great buildings and environments into a single, managed service.

Our team in China comprises masterplanners and urbanists, architects and landscape architects and we also have access to the combined expertise of all of BDP professionals including, interior designers, engineers, urbanists, sustainability experts, lighting designers and acoustics specialists to deliver a truly integrated way of working — resulting in high quality, effective and inspiring built spaces.

Our philosophy - Creating Places for People

We adhere to a very simple design approach placing the user at the heart of the design process which shapes the architectural, functional and social concept within each project.

China Projects

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Tianyi Gu

Studio Lead & Architect Director Shanghai
+86 [0]21 6196 2500

Tianyi is Studio Lead and an architect director in our Shanghai studio, providing day to day leadership including strategic planning and management, project design and project finance.

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