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Our India studio combines the benefits of an international interdisciplinary practice with the practicality of a local firm. Working in the region since the early 2000s, we officially established a studio in 2010. We have a diverse and growing team of design professionals working at every scale from city masterplan to detailed public realm design, and from concept through to delivery.

203, 2nd floor
Eros Corporate Tower
Nehru Place
New Delhi 110019

T +91 [0]11 6635 7333
F +91 [0]11 6635 7300

Map & Directions


We work for a wide range of public and private sector clients across India, South and SE Asia. Our team of dedicated professionals has both national and international training and expertise, and the capability to take schemes from inception to delivery.

With the winning combination of a talented and diverse staff and a strong global framework, we can be nimble, adapting to the needs of the client, while maintaining the high level of quality for which BDP is known internationally.

India Projects

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