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BDP is a well established interdisciplinary design studio in the Netherlands.

It offers the best of British and Dutch expertise in masterplanning, urban design, landscape design and architecture for projects worldwide.

Conradstraat 38 D6.126
3013 AP Rotterdam
T +31 [0]1074 70062

Map & Directions (Google maps)


The studio works across the majority of sectors, bringing in creative ideas from each industry and encouraging teams to think beyond constrains. Our urbanism team fuses the talents of landscape architects, urban planners and urban designers to deliver sophisticated development frameworks, masterplans and remodelling and regeneration strategies. The new studio in Architecture is working on a diversity of projects in the sectors education, residential and mixed-use.

Over the past 20 years the growing team of designers at BDP has worked on a whole range of projects from inception to successful completion. Through its interdisciplinary approach (a team of urban planners, landscape architects and technical designers, architects and project leaders) and clear vision, the office is involved from visualisation to the realisation of a project.

Urban design, architecture and engineering should be seamless — that’s why our approach is integrated and interdisciplinary.

Netherlands Projects



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