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Liverpool is home to some of BDP’s most significant award winning projects.


Suite A, Second floor
1 Temple Square
24 Dale Street
Liverpool L2 5RL

United Kingdom

Map & Directions (Google Maps)


Our Liverpool studio is set on the historic Pier Head and adjacent to the world famous three graces, and a short walk from our landmark project Liverpool One. We have a deep rooted relationship with the city and have worked here continously since the opening of Liverpool One in 2008, responding to the exciting possibilities it offers as well as to the development of the city.

Liverpool Projects

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Sue Emms

Principal, Architecture, North Region Chair Manchester/Liverpool
+44 [0]161 828 2200

Sue was appointed Chair for our North Region in 2019 and is responsible for guiding the strategy for our Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, Leeds, and Liverpool studios. She is also our sector head for education in the north of England, having designed and delivered some of our most innovative and award winning education projects.

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