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BDP Podcast

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The BDP Podcast highlights and debates the biggest challenges facing designers today. From sustainability and carbon-free building to designing for a more inclusive world, each episode welcomes international experts from architecture, engineering and urbanism professions to discuss the most prominent issues in the industry.


Season 2: Design for Inclusion

In our BDP Podcast series, 'Design for Inclusion' we discuss topics related to designing for a more inclusive world - from exploring gender equity through our buildings and public spaces to design that reflects race, colour and culture in the built environment and how to design a hybrid and inclusive workplace. The BDP podcast aims to use inclusive language. However, some terminology for inclusion may vary across different cultures and regions.

Read more about our Design for Inclusion campaign.


Episodes 2: Design for Inclusion: Design that reflects race, colour and culture in the built environment

How can we give power to those historically excluded from planning processes and champion inclusive spaces for all, from the moment a rendering is drafted through to the completion of a building? Navigating the complex conversations of cost, timelines, funding and representation - and how these impact the inclusive design process - this week’s guests ask how we can challenge default norms to account for race, colour and culture in the built environment.


Episode 1: Design for Inclusion: Exploring gender equity through our buildings and places

The design of buildings and spaces can shape our behaviour and perceptions of the world in subtle yet powerful ways. How then, have public spaces come to impact people of different genders and reinforced narrow stereotypes and assumptions? For the debut podcast in our Design for Inclusion series, we invited four guests to share their experiences of designing for gender equity. From wayfinding and lighting intensity to residential development layouts, this week’s design experts debate what truly matters when creating a more inclusive world.


Season 1: Old Buildings - New Beginnings

The first ever BDP Podcast series: Old Buildings, New Beginnings, discusses the latest refurbishment and retrofit innovations that support the call to reduce our impact on the environment and create better, more progressive places from buildings and structures that already exist.

Read more about our Old Buildings - New Beginnings campaign.


Episode 5: Old Buildings – New Beginnings: Designing Age-Defying Buildings

Why do some buildings last for centuries while others disappear in mere decades? From the remerging role of passive design measures to creating ‘flexible’ buildings, this week sees guest experts from our lighting, engineering and architecture teams question what it takes to design long-lasting, sustainable buildings for generations to come.



Episode 4: Old Buildings - New Beginnings: Bringing Old Buildings Back to Life

This week, Alan Davies and his new panel of experts discuss how to bring old buildings back to life. As we emerge from the global pandemic, new civic strategies require more modern solutions for spaces. From adaptive reuse of historic structures to retrofit projects in modern buildings, there are more options available to building owners and designers than ever before. Retrofit and refurbishment seems like the obvious choice but is it more cost-effective and can we retain the important character and history that is inherent in these buildings?



Episode 3: Old Building – New Beginnings: Adaptive reuse is a global trend

Alan Davies is joined by Tianyi Gu, Akshay Khera and Illyas Maljee to explore how adaptive reuse is becoming a global trend in design and architecture. No one country has the ability to solve the climate emergency and when it comes to the reuse of buildings, we have to be sensitive to the building stock, environments and policies that influence the industry. But how does this affect the design and construction process? Do we still have a way to go to persuade some nations that reusing older buildings is the best approach or is it already taking off as a worldwide initiative?



Episode 2: Old Building – New Beginnings: Can we make historic buildings inclusive for all?

In this episode of Old Buildings - New Beginnings, Alan Davies is joined by Jesse Klimitz, Christine Davis and David Artis to discuss how to make old buildings more inclusive. Together they debate the meaning of accessibility, inclusivity and equality in the built environment, highlighting physical and perceived barriers that users can face. Concluding the episode, our experts discuss how heritage buildings can be adapted to be more considerate of everyone who uses them.



Episode 1: Old Buildings – New Beginnings: Can we make historic buildings more sustainable?

In this first episode of our debut series, Old Buildings - New Beginnings, BDP’s head of heritage, Alan Davies meets with Lucy Townsend, Il’ic Testoni and James Hepburn to ask the fundamental question ‘Can we make historic buildings sustainable?’ They discuss how to measure sustainability in old buildings and analyse what we can do to adapt existing structures to meet ever-stringent net zero carbon ambitions to help address and halt the climate emergency.