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25 North Colonnade


Location Client Size Completion
London, UK Blackstone Developments 33,630sqm 2021

Project details

25 North Colonnade is an office tower located in the heart of Canary Wharf. We delivered a much needed facelift to modernise facilities and created a new lighting scheme for the south reception spaces, northern market hall, public areas and roof terraces.

The curtain wall glazing meant that the internal lighting doubled up as the facade lighting. An array of square coffers above the double height space creates a soft visual feature reflected by the surrounding glazing. Single recessed downlights penetrate the arrival area below, providing functional illumination. The two peripheral business lounges are lit solely from indirect sources in a continuous coffer detail, creating a uniform and tranquil space that visually elevates the large expanses of soffit.

The lighting to the market hall, Cargo, has been discretely integrated with the same plane as the timber truss structure. Large round diffuse luminaires provide the ambient illumination and emphasise the timber whilst a continuous linear asymmetric wash brings vertical illumination to the refurbished feature brick arches. Warm white light has been used throughout the ground floor to create a welcoming space after dark in contrast to the cool lighting in the rest of the Wharf.

Exterior terrace lighting is soft and restrained, following the circulation route around the perimeter. Linear luminaires are skilfully integrated within planter and step nosing details, and act both as functional circulation light and as a night time feature.


  • comprehensive refurbishment - including remodelling of north and south receptions
  • creation of a new market hall with a variety of F&B offerings, scheduled events and pop-up attractions


  • areas illuminated by functional lighting are contrasted with soft, ambient alternatives to create a tranquil atmosphere throughout and make architectural features glow
  • sympathetic lighting scheme creates a welcoming space after dark

Integrated services