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Avon River Precinct Framework


Location Client Cost Completion
Christchurch, New Zealand Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA) £50m 2013 design proposals

Project details

The Avon river flows through the centre of the city and the regeneration strategy proposes that its sinuous path is used to define Christchurch’s new river precinct.

The area will be accessible for all with a pedestrian promenade and separate cycleway running the full length of the Precinct. Boardwalks and terracing will allow easy access to the river and feature lighting will improve safety in the evenings and enhance the natural beauty of the central city.

The overall recovery plan envisages a greener, more accessible city with a compact core, stronger built identity and a greater focus on people and nature.

A regenerated Avon River will draw locals and visitors back to the city and it will become a place for relaxation, recreation and enjoyment for people of all ages.


  • produce design proposals for the regeneration of the Avon River Precinct in earthquake damaged central Christchurch
  • restore the health of the river and create a habitat to encourage birds and aquatic life to the city


  • Watermark, the first stage of the project, opened in September 2013
  • The scheme features significant ecological works, a boardwalk, seating, new plantings and advanced LED lighting

Integrated services

masterplanner, landscape architecture, wayfinding