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BBC Mailbox


Location Client Cost Completion Awards
Birmingham, UK BBC confidential 2004 3

Project details

State of the art broadcasting house proves it's worth the licence fee.

Our design featured a dramatic four-storey entrance space, linking the lower-level retail entrance with upper-level workspace and enabling visitors to see into the TV, radio and drama studios and editing suites.

We organised office accommodation into two open-plan wings, defined by lightweight suspended mezzanine floors or ‘gondolas’.

The offices face south, overlooking a canal side promenade.

A fantastic working environment on a demanding value-for-money budget. Ten out of ten for design and service

BBC Property


  • design a modern interactive office environment
  • open up the space to the licence payer


  • a transparent showcase for BBC creativity
  • efficient servicing: the gondolas form flexible service spines delivering fresh air, power and data cabling
  • improved productivity: offices are bathed in natural light
  • award: British Council for Offices Award (Regional, National and Best of the Best) 2005

Integrated services

architecture, environmental engineering, structural engineering,interior design, acoustics, lighting