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Bispebjerg Hospital Masterplan


Location Client Completion
Denmark Bispebjerg and Frederiksberg Hospitals 2025

Project details

The design for a new hospital complex in the Bispebjerg suburb of Copenhagen features 94,000 sq m of new buildings and the renovation of a further 64,000 sq m on a 26 hectare plot.

Underpinning the concept is a series of landscape ribbons running across the site from east to west knitting into the existing urban grain of the surrounding buildings. The ribbons act as a method of blending the geometry of the historic formal gardens to the south, through the park at the heart of the site, and on through the more natural landscape to the north. The landscape therefore acts as a generator for a building lattice for future development on the site.


  • a visionary and solid setting for the development of the Bispebjerg Hospital site
  • masterplan for a new hospital and new psychiatry unit


  • an innovative and creative proposal and demonstrating a high degree of successful new interpretation of the historic facilities
  • an effective and future oriented general hospital and psychiatric facility

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