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Arun Design Guide


Location Client Completion
Arun District, West Sussex Arun District Council 2021

Project details

BDP produced a Design Guide SPD for Arun District Council, providing detailed information supplementing the design policies of the Arun Local Plan.

Arun District has a distinctive historic environment, built form and landscape character, containing 723 listed buildings and 29 Conservation Areas. The District varies in character from coastal settlements to inland villages and the town of Arundel, located on the borders of the South Downs National Park.

The Arun Local Plan contains a target for 20,000 homes over the plan period, many of which are to be delivered on strategic sites at the edge of existing settlements where these meet areas of the District which at present have a more rural character. The SPD is required to guide the design of these sites, rectifying past examples of poor quality developments. The District also has a high proportion of elderly residents which is set to rise in the future, and both new and existing housing stock must therefore meet their needs whilst providing for new generations.


  • An user friendly and deliverable Design Guide SPD to secure high quality new development
  • Targeting a broad audience of landowners, developers, householders, designers and statutory actors
  • Engagement with town and parish councils, and Arun District Council


  • Adopted Arun Design Guide SPD

Integrated services

town planning, urban design