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Augustine Hill


Location Client Cost Size Completion
Galway, Ireland Summix Capital Limited and Seagull Point Limited €300M 8.2 acres 2021 – Planning application approved

Project details

The site occupies a highly significant location in Galway city centre and provides the opportunity to expand the city core through a masterplan-led urban mixed use development. The Augustine Hill Masterplan seeks to rejuvenate the 8.5 acres of inactive brownfield lands to the south of Ceannt Station. It has the opportunity to expand the city core and provide an exciting new mixed urban community which will include residential, culture, retail, leisure, office and transport.

The vision for our masterplan has Ceannt Train and Bus Station at its centre. The masterplan seeks to encourage the use of sustainable transport through improving pedestrian and cyclist connectivity, accessibility and permeability within the city, enhancing the stations desirability and convenience for commuters. The development represents an exciting expansion of the city centre through a series of new landscaped pedestrianised streets and public spaces defined by contemporary buildings which will bring new vibrancy and vitality to this new extension of the city.

The restoration of historic heritage has been key to the development, with two existing protected stone structures revitalised as cafés and restaurants for public enjoyment. This appreciation for history is merged with an embrace of new trends and needs including 1150 bicycle spaces, 60 electric car spaces, and a cycling and sustainability hub to name a few.

Adopting a principle of vertical layering, lower-level retail, community, leisure, cultural, and office spaces support a new community of 376 residential units above. A composition of taller residential buildings are seamlessly integrated into the new streetscape providing city living with access to all the city centre amenities, bringing new life and creating a sense of community. A landmark tower is located adjacent to the railway line on Lough Atalia Road which acts as a gateway marker that aids legibility to the city. All the residential buildings are provided with terraces and private roof gardens that will provide unrivalled views over Galway bay and beyond.

As cities around Ireland, and indeed around the world, grapple with issues of rising populations, congested commutes, and a shortage of sustainable, affordable, high-quality housing, Augustine Hill will enable Galway’s evolution as a bustling city of familiar local character, with a diverse population that can live, work, and relax in a city centre that combines historic heritage with future needs.

Integrated services

architecture, masterplanning, landscape architecture