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Bandar Malaysia


Location Client Size
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia IWH CREC Sdn Bhd 198 ha

Project details

We were invited to submit a masterplan for a competition for the redevelopment of Kuala Lumpur’s Sungai Besi airport and its surroundings. The mixed-use development will be centrally located at the terminus of the proposed Pan Asian high-speed railway which is envisaged as a catalyst for the regeneration of the Greater Kuala Lumpur area and will redefine areas of influence.

The masterplan creates a sub-tropical city that aims to become the focus of business and cultural life in the region attracting investment and talent to consolidate Kuala Lumpur’s urban economy and its influence within the region. With the future prospect of Singapore a mere 90 minutes away, the city aspires to be the ideal place to work, live and enjoy the vibrancy of a world class urban environment.

Our proposal explores new urban morphologies and innovative approaches to the design of urban infrastructure, landscape and public realm to respond to the brief requirements for a complex urban entity.


  • masterplan a new mixed-use urban development project in Kuala Lumpur


  • a purpose-built integrated community with a strong urban character that is both exciting and diverse
  • a bustling transport hub alongside residential complexes and shopping malls

Integrated services

urban design, masterplanning, landscape architecture