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Covent Garden Market


Location Client Completion
London, UK Shaftesbury Capital August 2023

Project details

Covent Garden is London’s largest and most visited market, renowned for its luxury retail stores, award-winning restaurants and theatres. A new external lighting scheme enhances the visitor experience at night, prolonging dwell times and encouraging repeat visits.

Contemporary lighting techniques and new technology were key to reinventing the grade II* listed historic market hall. The general lighting has been rebalanced by increasing the number of lanterns while also lowering the power consumption and source brightness of each fitting. Modern optics with a warm colour temperature result in a uniform palette of evenly distributed comfortable lighting, maintaining the character of a predominately gas lit conservation area whilst increasing safety and security at night.  The repurposing and meticulous restoration of the original hanging lanterns has been welcomed by the client who was keen to embrace any opportunity to lower energy and minimise waste.

The portico buildings, the gateway to the area and portal to the interior, have been illuminated using discrete lighting methods and are now clearly visible from each approach, forming a landmark to the Covent Garden experience. The bottleneck balustrade that wraps around the building mezzanine has been uplit to reveal the warmth of the stone and the London brick chimneys have been highlighted to provide texture, height and depth. Building columns have been accented to increase vertical brightness with contrast at low level. The refreshed, re-lit piazzas now direct arrivals from the underground station and create a sense of balance, harmony and welcome, while remaining complementary to the neighbouring Royal Opera House.

Dynamic RGBW lighting for special events creates a sequence of experiences for this cosmopolitan and fun urban environment to appeal to a larger target audience and increase footfall in the area.

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