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Orbit House, Airbus Headquarters


Location Client Cost Size Completion Awards
Stevenage, UK Airbus Defence and Space €35M 8,284sqm February 2021 1

Project details

Orbit House provides Airbus Defence and Space with an iconic building and a high-quality, agile working environment on a limited budget. An exemplary collaborative team approach between design, client and contractor teams has achieved extremely good value for money.

The building is an important symbol of Airbus’s local commitment to its international programmes and their faith that these should be delivered in the region. It offers a fitting place where Airbus’ minds can innovate, collaborate and deliver exceptional programmes in the industry.

Winner of LABC's Regional 'Best Non-Residential New Build' Award 2022. 

“Embedding Orbit House’s new culture and ways of working has been hugely helped by our neighbourhood leads who are passionate about Airbus’ values and are able to feedback on continuous improvement. The way the building has been designed in line with this culture of diversity and inclusion has ensured everyone has equal access to all areas and full functionality of this amazing building.”

Charlotte Brogan, Airbus


  • Create an iconic building to support a new, agile way of working, that retains security and yet fosters collaboration
  • Deliver quality against a demanding budget
  • Keep the functioning workplace operational throughout the build.


  • Exemplary collaborative team working approach has resulted in a high performing building that represents extremely good value for money
  • A dynamic hub bringing together previously disparate Airbus teams
  • A high quality, flexible and future proof workplace to attract and retain the best engineering talent.

Integrated services

architect, interior designer, mechanical & electrical engineer, civil & structural engineer, graphics & wayfinding