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Foshan Masterplan


Location Client Cost
Guandong province, China Foshan Sanshui District Sanjiu Redevelopment Office £450m

Project details

BDP produced the masterplan for the new public and civic quarter for Sanshui, including the design of the new cultural centre, library city archive, senior university, medical research building, laboratories, city exhibition hall and civic offices. BDP has approached the design of the masterplan and the new buildings with the aim of delivering excellent learning and research environments, stunning performance venues and galleries and stimulating office environments, which reflect the rich culture of the area.

The buildings create sustainable new special places responding to the climatic conditions. They are fully integrated into a new landscape incorporating the features and natural topography of the elevated site and expansive waterfront location.

This is a significant win for BDP in China. It demonstrates our combined interdisciplinary strengths, creating exceptional new places for people.

Stephen Gillham director of architecture


  • masterplan and design all of the main buildings in a major urban regeneration project


  • the development will have clarity and permeability and will provide a recognisable symbol for the whole district

Integrated services

masterplanning, architecture, landscape architecture