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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Jodhpur Masterplan


Location Client
Rajasthan, India Indian Institute of Technology

Project details

The IIT Jodhpur university campus masterplan demonstrates engineering excellence and sustainable design whilst taking inspiration from its historic desert settings. The masterplan has a near zero energy, water and waste strategy and emulates the vernacular pattern of traditional settlements. It consists of a series of clusters, each enclosed by an earthen berm that give the campus its iconic identity. The largest is 10 metres at its highest point and encloses the main campus, facilitating groundwater recharge and protecting the development from adverse desert winds. Underneath the berms are services and multi-functional spaces.

Our design offers a compact campus that visitors can easily walk or cycle through, with development concentrated in a few key areas, with the remaining site left undisturbed or with minor landscape interventions to help protect natural ecology. Access to non-motorised bus services is provided alongside a flexible and robust infrastructure strategy that consists of rainwater and waste water recycling initiatives, a solar park, green ecological corridors and a network of service tunnels, trenches and serviceable shafts.


  • a self-sufficient and sustaining university campus with minimal waste throughout its lifecycle


  • GRIHA Exemplary Award (Passive Architecture Design) 2017

  • Five Star GRIHA LD V1 Rating

Integrated services

masterplanning, landscape architecture