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Lishui Science Park Masterplan


Location Client Completion
Nanjing, China Lishui County Government 2014 phase I

Project details

The masterplan was conceived to respect the contours and context of the site and to integrate the existing network of canals and reservoirs into a cohesive layout, which encourages strong links to the wider city and creates green corridors and permeability throughout the development.

The buildings within the masterplan have been designed as a family of elements that share a commonality of material and fa├žade layering, but also create variety and vibrancy throughout the scheme.

Several feature buildings have been developed to act as markers within the scheme and identify entrances, punctuate views, and enhance or define the character of the public realm. These buildings make a statement about the high aspirations for the science park and the quality of occupants they are hoping to attract.


  • deliver 140,000 sqm of new commercial office space with supporting retail, civic and public realm spaces
  • integrate the scheme into the existing canal network


  • the scheme forms part of a wider masterplan also designed by BDP
  • a new location hub for world class industries

Integrated services

masterplanning, architecture, landscape architecture