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Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Cancer Centre


Location Client Completion
Bloomsbury, London, UK Great Ormond Street Hospital Ongoing

Project details

BDP has been overseeing the phased redevelopment of Great Ormond Street Hospital in Bloomsbury, London. The Trust is seeking to expand this famous children’s hospital in a very constrained, sensitive setting with a number of adjacent heritage assets.

Our planners have also advised GOSH and worked with the wider BDP design team on planning issues related to the Development Control Plan. The DCP was adopted in January 2015 following extensive discussions with LB Camden, the local planning authority, to achieve an acceptable masterplan solution for all. The planning team has subsequently been successful in a number of applications on the hospital site.

Planning Director Tessa O’Neill currently acts as client advisor to the Trust and is advising GOSH on the planning strategy for its new frontage building, a major new development which will become the hospital’s new front door.


  • planning advice on estate strategy
  • development Control Plan advice
  • planning applications


  • adopted Development Control Plan

Integrated services

planning, architecture