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Jakarta River Development


Location Size Completion
Jakarta, Indonesia 182.67 hectares 2019

Project details

The Jakarta River was once a center of life for the Betawi people, the natives of Jakarta. Sadly, the effects of rapid urbanization have brought about flooding, pollution and damage to the river and its surrounding environment. Communities have slowly turned turning their backs on the once thriving river.

BDP’s masterplan proposal seeks to bring life back to the Jakarta River. While preserving existing communities, the masterplan presents a vision for more accessible and liveable riverfront developments that celebrate the river’s history, unique character and its influence on life along its edges.

In our proposed scheme, we have introduced green infrastructure elements into the buildings and the landscape to mitigate flooding and pollution.

All these elements are part of a holistic strategy that is applied to both buildings and landscape to achieve an integrated stormwater management and flood prevention solution.

With this all-inclusive design approach, we endeavour to create a masterplan that re-establishes connections from the river to the city by drawing all people groups to the river, bringing life back to the Jakarta River.


  • river regeneration project that seeks to redefine the river edge while reaching out to establish connections with the wider city core
  • a catalyst for urban development that tackles congestion, social alienation and river pollution
  • improve and harness the river culture to release the huge potential of added value by fully engaging develop¬ments with the river and its landscape
  • create new urban economies and create places and destinations to support the development of new economic activi¬ties such as tourism, smart economies, orange economies and creative industries


  • our design strategy to mitigate flooding and pollution is to apply and integrate green infrastructure into the entire masterplan, from buildings, landscape spaces, public accessible spaces through to public infrastructure elements
  • headland parks with clean blue spaces that are accessible to all are introduced along the river. These open green park will have a storm water management system that incorporates landscape features, such as bio-filtration basins, swales and rain gardens, to collect storm water run-offs and slowly release it back to river after the rain
  • these landscape features doubles up as social and gathering spaces with these headland parks. In parallel, green Infrastructure is incorporated into buildings by way of roof gardens, green walls and sky terraces
  • these design interventions in turn support our proposal for the Intensification and optimization of land parcels along the river

Integrated services

masterplanning, urban design, landscape architecture