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Jiabao Smart Bay Future City Practice Zone


Location Client Size
Jiading, Shanghai, China Jiading State-owned Assets Management (Group) Co.,Ltd. 6km2 Research Area + 80ha Design Area

Project details

Our Shanghai studio were commissioned to complete the masterplan for Jiabao Smart Bay Future City Practice Zone. Located in the industrial park of Jiading North Ecological Corridor, the project has a total planned GFA of 976,000 sqm and will serve as a smart service core for the entire area, which is predominantly occupied by R&D facilities and residential buildings.

Our plan follows a nature-friendly approach that pays respect to the rich ecology of dense forests and water systems in the surrounding environment. In the north, we are creating a nature hub with small-scale buildings and working to bring the local natural ecology into the site.

In the south, the plans include several large-scale buildings which will contribute to a unique skyline facing towards downtown Jiading.

Utilising a 'people first and low carbon' approach and 'one core, one corridor, two hubs' design framework, the plans include five space strategies, three industrial planning concepts and three smart technology routes. The end design promises a dynamic future for Jiabao Smart Bay as a safer, more efficient, more environmentally friendly and more attractive city.


  • CRED Award 2023- Merit Award in Planning Design category

Integrated services

architecture, urban design