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Lyon Business School


Lyon, France

Project details

Our design for a 'Festival of Learning' is inspired by the idea of a continuous and open landscape of opportunity where each individual can select their route to learning, making a journey of discovery to investigate and participate in opportunities to collectively learn, un-learn and re-learn, co-operate, co-create and collaborate.

The design uses the wide range of activities, events and performances of a festival assembled as a 'kit of parts': the open constructed landscape rising from the river valley; the stage rigging forming the structural framework for a series of open and enclosed adaptable spaces; pavilions and tents housing a wide range of flexible functions; containers used as temporary testbeds for new and experimental approaches and food trucks and caravans providing alternative support services.

This is an organic place rooted in the heart of Lyon, reflecting elements of the city’s history, geography and culture, a place that celebrates the process of learning, supports shared values and fosters a community with lasting bonds; an evolutionary place that meets the needs of today’s users but can adapt and respond to what changes the future may bring.

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