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Revitalisation Plan for Sector 17 Market


Location Client Size Completion
Chandigarh, India Chandigarh Administration 250 Acres 2016 September Design Completion, Realisation – Ongoing

Project details

BDP has been commissioned to develop a masterplan for the holistic rejuvenation of Sector 17, within the context of the larger masterplan for Chandigarh by Le Corbusier. Designated as the civic and commercial centre of the city, Sector 17 is spread over 250 acres and consists of three large plazas flanked by retail and institutional buildings. The plazas were envisioned as healthy public spacesin Corbusier's plan; however in practice they are either converted for parking use or remain abandoned, as the vast concrete paved open space forces all human activity to be concentrated within and around the buildings or under large shaded trees.

The vision was to retain the original principles behind Corbusier's masterplan while adapting the space to cater for the current needs of the people of Chandigarh.

The design implementation will be in phases which includes upgrading the open spaces, rejuvenating underutilised areas and also restoration of the built fabric. The outdoor environment is intended to act not only as a foreground to the built form but also to function as an independent entity, while contributing significantly to the overall user experience.


  • to create a vibrant public realm, with a robust programming strategy, designed to keep the user at the core of its realisation, while retaining the original design character
  • the holistic rejuvenation of the city centre and commercial precinct of Chandigarh within the context of LeCorbusier’s  masterplan


  • the landscape design aims to create a dynamic, self-sustaining entity providing the incentive for an enhanced retail experience

Integrated services

urban design, landscape architecture